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There is undoubtedly great comfort and security when travelling in a maxi cab for groups of friends and families. Unlike a regular taxi cab which you can get via Comfort Cab, Uber or Grab, a maxi cab offers more capacity for bigger groups and wider space to accommodate luggage and to rest your feet. Most families who travel together opt for maxi cabs due to this clear advantage, especially passengers who travel with bulky items or those in a wheelchair.

But recent news reported how some maxi cab passengers have been sharing their concerns about a recent price increase of $3 that will be charged for each passenger exceeding a 4 passenger limit. This means a 5th, 6th and 7th passenger would cost an extra $9 per maxi cab.

The maxi cab operator reported to implement this extra charge is Comfortdelgro Corporation Ltd. This increase was made effective last May 9th 2016 and was supposedly the operator’s response to complaints from their drivers about this operator’s daily rental charge being too expensive at $160.

Actually, implementing a surcharge for exceeding a 4-headcount limit is not new. Several other taxi operators have already implemented a surcharge years ago, but at a lower amount compared to Comfort Delgro.

The price increase is said to only apply as an extra charge for the 5th, 6th and 7th passengers, not affecting the flat rate.

Now, some have argued that even with this price hike, opting for a maxi cab is still worth it. For example, a passenger, named Hui Shan, shared how a trip from Jurong to Changi would cost around $25 through a taxi cab. So with 2 cabs this would be worth $50 which would still be less than opting for one maxi cab.

Meanwhile, unlike other maxi cab operators, we at SGMaxi, have decided not to go with this trend and maintain our rates as they are. So this news of a price hike in maxi cab services is not applicable to us.

Maxi cab services are meant to be different from a taxi cab in capacity, so given that we find no reason to apply the same increase for the 5th, 6th or 7th passenger of our maxi cab.

We also believe in taking care of our customer’s first so we can, in turn, take care of our business. And we can continue to provide the quality transport service in Singapore we have been giving without the need for unnecessary surcharges.

Where SG Maxi Stands

We continue to provide the best quality service for maxi cab transport and ensure that our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

And we offer transport options that include minibuses with a seating capacity of 7, 9 and 13. For a VIP travel experience, our Alphard Vellfire Limo Cab and Mercedes Limousine are available to our customers all at affordable and reasonable price and packages.

Our staff and drivers are always professional and polite, and we are committed to your comfort, safety and value for your money as you travel with SG Maxi.