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On Errant Drivers in Transportation


The advent of new technology brought forth a change in the  transportation in recent years. The latest was able to give people from the private sector a chance to be part of the transportation service industry without actually going through that rigorous a process that any normal operator would go through.

Very much like a cook working out of his own kitchen, the Uber and Grab technologies allow private individuals to be able to offer their services to the public simply by signing up for an app and having a car that fit the company’s “standards” i.e. a new model. And just like the cook in his home kitchen, this allowed the general public to bypass some of the safety standards a licensed transport operator would need to have.

Uber’s recent driver woes

Recently, Uber has been under fire when a certain Ms. Nicole Lee, a Trade Publications Editor came forward to file a complaint regarding a still unnamed Uber driver due to a bad experience she had in the early hours of Sunday as reported by The Straits Times.

Ms. Lee described her ordeal “horrifying” and said that the driver bragged of drinking prior to picking her up. The said unnamed driver panicked at the sight of a police roadblock and told her that he “cannot take the [breathalyzer] test”. Upon reaching her destination, Lee said that the said driver would not allow her to get off the car unless she gave him her phone number.

Previously, another Uber user was also suspended when he was found to have been allowing other people to drive using his login credentials.

The value of safety

While it is quite understandable why most people would rather take “cheaper alternatives” in order to stretch the dollar, you should never put a price tag on your safety.

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Being on the road with a service you can trust, drivers who are skilled professionals and the fallback of being in the hands of a properly licensed company are your safety nets. These would guarantee that you will get to your destination unmolested and unharmed. We have recently been Bizsafe level 3 certified!

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