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Our Maxi Cab Booking Fees


When travelling to unfamiliar places, we tend to look for what is comfortable. At any given time, a group journey carries with it several stressors and most of them come from moving people from one point to another. There will always be a myriad of options, some may cost less than others, but most of these options usually provide you with circumstances you may not feel secure with.

Group travel entails sticking together lest part of the group goes missing or gets left behind. There will always be the question of whether or not the whole group would fit in one vehicle, plus your luggage and space for shopped goods.

Hassle and worry-free

We understand that what you need when it comes to travelling in Singapore. And we know that sometimes you may even have special requirements to ensure your comfort throughout the journey. SGMaxi’s Maxi Cab Services as well as Mini Buses can provide you with alternatives. We can accommodate groups from 7 and up to 13 persons inclusive of your luggage. Our fleet consists of vehicles that fit 7, 9, and 13 people, bus charter services for bigger events and our limousine service in Singapore is available at affordable rates for special events or VIP needs.

Your whole stay in Singapore can be made so easy! As we specialize in chartering people from point to point, taking care of you from arrival to departure and everything else in between. We can assure you that our friendly and courteous staff will be waiting to take care of you from arrival and will be making sure that you will not have transport issues upon departure.

What does that mean?

It means we transfer you from the airport to your hotel and on to your vacation or business as soon as possible. Our arrival rates start with SGD 55 for a group of 7, SGD 85 for a group of 9, and SGD 95 for a group of 13.

It also means that after your vacation or business trip is over, when everyone else is weary and getting geared up for a long flight, we will make sure you get to the airport and on your flight on time. Our departure rates start with SGD 55 for 7 people, SGD 65 for 9 people and SGD 75 for 13 people.

Of course, for the “everything in between” part, we have hourly rates as part of our service menu. For a minimum of 3 hours, rental costs for a group of 7 starts at SGD165, while a group of 9 people is at SGD 195, and a group of 13 at SGD 210.
Thinking of luxurious rides? Our fleet includes the Toyota Alphard or Vellfire limousines as well as the Mercedes limousines that can take you around the city at your request. You’ll find that our rates aren’t too heavy on your wallet:

Alphard or Vellfire Limo Cab:
– Arrival/Departure: SGD 65
– 1 way transfer: SGD 60
– Hourly Charter (Minimum 3 hours): $180.

Mercedes Limousine Service:
– Arrival: SGD 75
– Departure/1 way transfers: SGD 60
– Hourly Charter (Minimum 3 hours): SGD 165

Make travelling EASY.

Once you have made the decision to try SGMaxi, you will find that moving people has never been easier or more cost efficient before. Our friendly and professional staff will be able to help you with your options and we can get you big discounts if you’re booked with us from the start until the end of your trip (more than 2 days of engagement).

So why take chances on hiring two or more vehicles for your party? There will always be risks of luggage not fitting, part of the group getting stuck in traffic or lost during transfers and even not getting to the airport in time and missing flights/cruises. Call us and let us help you get that effortless travel you’ve always wanted.