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Questions To Ask Before Booking Vehicle Rental Service

Questions To Ask Before Booking Vehicle Rental Service

When booking a vehicle rental service, it is important to know the details of the vendor as well as details of the deal so that you don’t walk blindly into a bad deal.

If it is a car rental ask what is included in the daily rate if there are any mileage limits, your insurance options, late returns and liability in case of an accident.

The same questions are not applicable when booking a maxi cab in Singapore.

There is more to know about booking a maxi cab. You also have to be diligent. There are pertinent questions you must ask especially if you are a green traveller.

Here are the must-ask questions for green travellers when booking a maxi cab in Singapore.

What Safety Plans Do You Have for Passengers?

No matter how green or experienced a traveller you are, you should never compromise on safety. Put safety first, and all the other demands (or bonuses) will follow.

Ask the maxi cab company about their crew, how competent they are, if your designated driver has had a warning or traffic offence record. Also, find out about the vehicle’s physical and electronic safety features. Ask about the maintenance of the vehicles and how frequently the vehicles are subjected to safety checks.

How they Train the Crew?

When travelling in any form of vehicle, the relationship between the driver and passenger is crucial. If you’re considering booking a maxi cab for airport transfer in Singapore you expect that the drivers have received the Land Transport Authority (LTA) accreditation.

However, more than a government agency certificate, which is also issued to truck drivers, you can ask if the driver to have gone through extra training which relates to his or her type of job.

Ask if the drivers have had basic first aid training and if they’ve undergone some basic customer relationship training. You don’t want to board a maxi cab in Singapore with a driver who wouldn’t know what to do if there was an accident or is rude or just plain cold.

What’s the Average Age of the Fleet?

No one wants to travel in an old, noisy and rickety vehicle that bellows smoke like a steam engine. That may be an extreme, especially if you are looking for a maxi cab, but the point is, you need to be certain of your comfort as you travel. Knowing the fleet’s age will tell you about the chances of having a breakdown and whether some amenities in the vehicle – like air conditioning – are still in good shape.

Lastly, Ask About the Vendor’s Experience in the Trade

If you are a green traveller, you would like to be hosted by a veteran vendor. That way, you know that the maxi cab operator knows how to keep you happy and it’s highly unlikely that something may happen along the road that’ll surprise both of you.

Even if something unfortunate happens, an experienced maxi cab operator would know what to do.

Plus, if you are presenting a unique offer with several demands, an inexperienced operator may not be suited for the job since they may not know the ins and outs of the trade. These questions will help you be certain of your comfort and safety.