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Maxi Cab Rates in Singapore Benefits of Flat Rates Vs. Metered Fare

What is the difference between flat rates and metered fares for Maxi cab? As you can understand from the terms, flat rates mean you have to pay a specific amount irrespective of the distance you travel. On the other hand, metered fare means you will have to pay according to the distance you travel in the vehicle. Both systems have benefits, depending on how you want to travel.


6 Seater Toyota Alphard & Vellfire Rates

1 Way Transfer
Point to point transfer
Available in 15 minutes
FREE 10 minutes of waiting time*
Hourly (Min 3 hours)
Unlimited pick up and drop off
Best for sightseeing or site visits
Inclusive of ERP & Carparks charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $60
Arrival/ Departure
Airport or Seaport pick up.
FREE 60 minutes of waiting time*
Meet and Greet Service

7 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab Rates

7 Seater
(A)$60 | (B)$70 | (C)$165
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)
9 Seater
(A)$70 | (B)$80 | (C)$195
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)
13 Seater
(A)$80 | (B)$90 | (C)$210
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)

7 Seater Maxi Cab Hourly Rates

3 Hours Promotion
SAVE $15 *$7.85/Pax/Hr
Unlimited Stops
No ERP charges
No Carpark charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $55
8 Hours Promotion
SAVE $48 *$7.71/Pax/Hr
Unlimited Stops
No ERP charges
No Carpark charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $50
12 Hours Promotion
SAVE $84 *$7.57/Pax/Hr
Unlimited Stops
No ERP charges
No Carpark charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $45

13 Seater MiniBus Hourly Rates

3 Hour Package - 13 Seater
SAVE $30
Unlimited Stops
No ERP charges
No Carpark charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $70
8 Hour Package - 13 Seater
SAVE $100
Unlimited Stops
No ERP charges
No Carpark charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $65
12 Hour Package - 13 Seater
SAVE $180
Unlimited Stops
No ERP charges
No Carpark charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $55

Benefits of flat rates

When you only have to pay a fixed price to hire a car in Singapore, you don’t need to worry about the distance you travel. But how will the car company charge you for their service? Companies like SGMaxi Cab charges flat rates based on the car you choose and the number of hours for which you want the vehicle. Some of the flat rates start from S$60 for a one-way transfer. So, why are flat rates beneficial for riders? Let’s find out.

For long-distance travellers

If you are one of those who want to hire cars to travel around the entire city or visit nearby towns, the best option is to opt for flat rate vehicles. All you need to do is have an approximate timeframe within which you can return. The car rental companies will decide the flat fare according to the hours you need the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how much distance you travel. You also don’t have to pay for gas. They calculate everything together before providing the fare.

Flat fares are ideal for long-distance travellers. You can also get hourly rentals from car companies. The rule is the same as flat fares. You have to pay according to the number of hours instead of the distance travelled. The type of car you select also becomes a factor for calculating flat rates. For example, smaller cars usually have lower rates. If you want to hire a 13-seater minibus, the charges will be slightly higher.

For whole-day travellers

Many tourists in Singapore don’t want to use public transport. They can easily hire one of the cars and travel around the city throughout the day. In fact, it is a very cost-effective way of travelling in Singapore. You don’t have to worry about when a bus would arrive or which train to catch. The cars have GPS systems to help you locate the tourist spots. You can also inform the car rental company to send a driver along.

Since you will need the car for the entire day, you may not know the total distance you will travel. So it is best to hire a car according to the hours you travel with the vehicle. Many companies have time slots like 8-hour rentals or 12-hour rentals. You can also customize the time, depending on the number of places you visit. This helps you take as many breaks you want during your journey and go anywhere you want.

Benefits of metered fares

Metered fares are entirely different from flat rates. As the name suggests, companies calculate the fare according to the distance the car travels. This is advantageous for travellers who like to travel short distances. For example, if you have to travel to the airport, you can hire a cab that runs on metered fares.

Of course, metered rate cabs are similar to taxis, but the availability is far more. You can get cars on-demand from car rental companies. Be it metered fares or flat rates, you can expect to get a car waiting at your doorstep if you book from one of the car rental companies in Singapore.

For short-distance travellers

Metered fares are ideal for those who like to travel within the city. If you want to go to the airport or the grocery store, you don’t have to rent a flat rate car. That would be a costlier option. For example, if you rent a car to go to the airport, it would hardly take a few minutes or maybe an hour, depending on where you stay.

If you compare the rates between metered fare and flat fare, the former will be lesser. This is because the car rental company calculates the fares according to the distance you travel. You are not hiring the car to take a city tour or travel to the outskirts of Singapore.

For one-way travellers

This is another reason why you should go for metered fare cabs instead of flat rate cars in Singapore. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes to reach your destination. If you are paying according to the meter, time is never a factor. Sometimes you may get stuck in traffic. That’s not your mistake. Why should you pay for traffic right? That’s exactly why metered fares are beneficial.

If it is a one-way trip, a metered rental will help you save a lot. For example, a metered fare airport transfer is way cheaper than a flat rate car. The flat rate car will charge you irrespective of the time it takes you to reach the airport. On the other hand, a metered fare will only charge you for the distance you travel.

It is always best to understand why you are renting the car. Traffic is sometimes heavy in Singapore. So, understand the pros and cons of flat Maxi Cab rates and metered fares before renting the car. You can visit the other Maxi Cab website and compare the fares before confirming your booking.

Additional Charges

  • Rates listed below are for use within Singapore ONLY, for Malaysia trip please contact us.
  • Any additional stop within 2km will be charge $15 per stop. More than 2km please check with the customer service officer.
  • Free 45 minutes of waiting time for all arrival, $10 per block of 15 minutes thereafter maximum 20 minutes. 
  • Free 15 minutes of waiting time for all point to point transfer, $10 per block of 15 minutes thereafter maximum 20 minutes.

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Maxi Cab Rates

Maxi Cab Rates