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SEA Aquarium: Attraction Tickets


SEA Aquarium is home to hundreds of thousands of marine life with more than 800 species. There are several habitats in the nature-inspired theme park that brings you closer to the fascinating maritime heritage of Asia. Thousands of guests visit the sanctuary and entertainment park each year for that adventure of a lifetime.

Check out the best choices of shows, events, and attractions in the aquarium that is absolutely larger than life:

Strait of Karimata & Java Sea

The strait on the lower eastern part of Sumatra offers a slew of spectacular marine treasures. Strait of Karimata also houses the colossal shipwreck, complete with the splintered hull and whatnot. Marine animals such as threadfin trevally, Napoleon wrasse, and squadron of pompanos cruise through the crystal Java sea waters. See all these amazing scenes without actually going on a real shipwreck hunt.

Strait of Malacca & Andaman Sea

Experience a magical underwater journey with this magnified encounter within the SEA Aquarium. Guests walk across glass floors and see face to face the predators of the ocean. Malacca is home to blue flasher wrasses and leopard sea creatures. This is an interactive adventure for young kids that are fascinated with the marine life. Other sea creatures in the strait include pencil sea urchins, knobby sea stars, and sea cucumbers, among many others.

Ocean Journey

There are numerous highlights in the Ocean Journey such as a close encounter with indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins. Swimmers entertain guests with their underwater prowess and grace. Synchronized fishes also offer mesmerizing entertainment as well as other Cold Water habitants including giant spider crabs and chambered nautilus. Sea jelly gives you that electrifying discovery along with tentacle creatures of the deep.

Red Sea

Explore the rainforest of the sea and discover a diversity of marine life like you never see before. The journey to the Red Sea in SEA Aquarium gives you a peek to the world of hard and soft corals, warm waters, and crystal clear depths. There are various marine lives in the beautiful ecosystem with the likes of yellow boxfish, fairy basslet, fire shrimp, orange striped triggerfish, and long-horned cowfish.

How to Enjoy SEA Aquarium and Singapore

Planning your Singapore adventure with a detour to the SEA attraction in Resorts World Sentosa is just the first part of the trip. You need to book a reliable and convenient transportation service. Maxi cabs booking and mini bus charters are the best options for a Singapore adventure. Book and charter a ride and you get pick up and drop off services to and from the airport. You can also make other arrangements such as hourly rate for your SEA Aquarium getaway. Is it practical? Maxi cabs and mini buses are definitely much cheaper compared to taking public transits or cabs.

Discover the tantalizing beauty under the ocean with a SEA Aquarium adventure. A Singapore adventure with your family and friends is the best way to do it. Most importantly, book a chartered ride with maxi cab or mini buses for hassle-free rides.