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Affordable Private Transport Service in Singapore

Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Transport Service Singapore

For people going to Singapore for business or pleasure, it’s important to find the best transport service Singapore. Well, with this SGMAXI, you can always count on the best transport services. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to choose SGMAXI company for your transport service needs in Singapore.

1. Quality Fleet

Whether you are alone, with colleagues, family or friends, you need a good transport service that can accommodate everyone. Well, with this company, you can count on the fact that everyone will travel safely throughout Singapore.

The company has a quality fleet of different vehicles which include:

  • Toyota Alphard – 6 seater
  • Mercedes E Class – 4 Seater
  • Minibus Charter – 7 to 13 seater
  • Economical Sedans – 4 seater
  • Economical MPV – 6 seater

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many people are in your group because they will be sufficiently catered for with the amazing fleet. Also, the company ensures that all the vehicles are serviced regularly. You don’t need to worry about any breakdowns or vehicle emergencies while on the move.

2. Quality Drivers

We has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that we have hired the best drivers for our fleet. Therefore, if you hire any of the vehicles in the SGMAXI’s fleet, you will always get the best drivers. Some of the qualities you can expect from the drivers include the following.

  • Patient – In Singapore, the driving conditions are quite tough just like any other major city in the world. Therefore, the drivers in this company are patient enough to avoid road rage and make sure that every passenger gets to their destination safe and sound.
  • Responsible – If anything happens while on the road, you can rest assured that the drivers will always take up the responsibility. Anything can happen while on the road but these drivers always take the necessary measures to make sure that nothing happens.
  • Trained And Educated – All the drivers in the company’s fleet are trained and educated. They know everything about Singapore’s driving rules and traffic regulations. They have gone to the top driving schools in Singapore and are skilled on the rules of the road. Therefore, if you choose this company for your transport needs while in Singapore, you will be driven around by the best drivers.
  • Adherence To Traffic Rules And Regulations – All the drivers have knowledge of the necessary traffic rules and regulations as mentioned above. Also, they follow them religiously. Therefore, by choosing SGMAXI for your transport service Singapore needs while in Singapore, you can rest assured that the drivers will do everything possible to avoid accidents while on the road.
  • Experience – The company doesn’t hire anyone off the street to drive people around. Rather, they look for driver with a top-notch experience. They choose people who have been to the best schools and have been on the road for a long time. Also, each driver has experience in handling the specific type of car in the fleet. Basically, you are in the best hands by choosing the company for your transport needs in Singapore.
  • Taking Care Of The Vehicles – Each driver in the company drives a specific vehicle. Therefore, they are responsible for taking care of it. When you get into the vehicle, you will be offered some refreshments or snacks. The interior of the vehicle is clean too. Also, the driver is responsible for servicing the vehicle to avoid any emergencies while on the road.

There is nothing to worry about when you choose this company’s transport services in Singapore. You can always count on the best drivers for the trip.

3. Proper Management

The company is properly managed, and we have ISO 9001:2015 standards in place. If you are looking for a high-quality transport service Singapore that is properly managed, you have come to the right place. The management ensures that cars are well-maintained.

Also, the company manages all the drivers to ensure that they keep their schedule. On the other hand, they handle the payments properly to avoid any hassles between the clients and drivers.

4. Well Organized

No matter the type of transport you are looking for, you can always count on the transport service Singapore offered by SGMaxi. For instance, there is proper fleet management to ensure that everyone gets their car when they need it without any hassles.

On the other hand, if you want to book the company for your transport needs in Singapore, you can contact the company directly and choose the best vehicle for your needs on the fleet. Everything is handled swiftly from start to finish to ensure that all passengers are enjoying their rides.

5. The Best Customer Service

Are you calling to book one of the company’s vehicles for your transport in Singapore? Do you want to make a complaint about a driver? Do you have a few questions to ask before booking a vehicle? Well, whenever you need to reach the company, there is always someone ready to handle your questions, concerns or complaints.

We have proven records from customers. Check out our reviews to hear what others say about our service.

The company has a live chat option on their website where you can chat with the customer care agents directly. Even better, you can reach them on social media, calls or texts. They are proud of their customer service and will ensure that every client is attended to without fault. No one is left behind.

Transport Service Singapore by SGMaxi

Whether you want a transfer with a 7 Seater Maxi Taxicab (Big Taxi) or in a 13 Seater Mini Bus (Maxi Cab), you can enjoy your most excellent service from us. Depends upon the number of people taking a journey with you. A group of around 7 or less individuals will certainly be recommended for 7 Seater Maxi Cab, 8 up to 13 will certainly be 13 Seater Mini Bus, to guarantee that there is ample room for safety and comfort.

Rates for Transport Service in Singapore

Departure / 1 Way Transfer
7 Seater $60 | 9 Seater $70 | 13 Seater $80
Add $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Add $15 (midnight 12am till 7am)
Add $15 (waiting time per 15 mins block)
Add $15 (Pick up from Sembawang, Marsling, Woodlands,Tuas, Jurong, Chua Chu Kang)
Hourly (Min 3 hours)
7 Seater $165 | 9 Seater $195 | 13 Seater $210
Waived > $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Waived > Add $15 (waiting time per 15 mins block)
Waived > Add $15 (Pick up from Sembawang, Marsling, Woodlands,Tuas, Jurong, Chua Chu Kang)
Add $15 (midnight 12am till 7am)
Arrival (Airport & Ferry Terminals)
7 Seater $70 | 9 Seater $80 | 13 Seater $90
Add $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Add $15 (midnight 12am till 7am)
Add $15 (waiting time per 15 mins block)
FREE 45mins of waiting time starts once the plane or ferry arrived.

For your transport service Singapore, call SGMaxi today and enjoy the best services!