Arrive early. Drive carefully. Reach safely.

SGMAXI is now BizSafe Level 3 Certified


There was a time in the recent past where language or culture might affect perception, service delivery or customer service. As we entered the new millennium, along with the advances of technology, societies realized the need for only the highest acceptable standards. These standards (when applied) require a very strict set of auditing to be done before an institution or entity can aspire to seek certification and inclusion to any of these sets of standards. You may have read these as ISO.

One such is bizSafe, which is a five-step programme that is based upon the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Health Council in Singapore to help companies deliver their services while improving and maintaining excellence in the workplace. The process for certification at each step requires defined actions and commitments from all the levels in an organization, starting from top management. This ensures that there is a consistent effort in not just achieving certification but also in maintaining it.

Other Key Features of BizSafe

Another key feature is Risk Management, which in simple layman’s terms is a process where a company does an assessment of all its processes and then studies all the factors that may prevent or disrupt a process from being completed.

Achieving certification at each level requires extreme diligence in determining even the smallest factors that may affect the company and its end customers. At the end of it, is an external auditing process which certifies the company at each step, and then reviews periodically to confirm continued adherence.

And as a player in the transportation sector, SGMaxi has been committed to this from day one. This is a very basic and very important part of transportation service, and we are very good at it.

What Safety Means for SGMaxi

So when we talk safety, and when we say that SG Maxi considers it as one of our best traits as a service provider, we take pride in what a bizSafe Level 3 certification brings to our company. It is the confirmation for our customers that when they use our Maxi Cab service, they are using a brand that is better if not equal to any of the best in the same industry here in Singapore. And we apply the same high-quality standards to all our other services, including our mini bus services, bus charter services as well as limousine services in Singapore.

Our commitment to the service we provide and our customer base drives our passion to be the best in this industry. This is why we have been getting so much great feedback from our customers! Our recent bizSafe Level 3 certification is proof of that commitment, and of SGMaxi’s ability to deliver its word to its customer base. Now happy as we are about this milestone, it will be another measuring stick for us to keep making the service better. There is only one way to look at it and only one way to ensure that you get the best value for your money when considering airport cab transportation. SGMaxi is the only way to travel!