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Singapore Airport Transfer

Singapore Airport Transfer

Singapore Airport Transfer

What Your Singapore Airport Transfer Can Do For You

Singapore Airport Transfer is considered to be the most convenient way to get around Singapore with your friends and

family. Why should SGMaxi.Cab be your first choice in transport services despite the abundance of public transportation in the country? Hiring a reliable airport transport service is definitely the best way to get around the city, most especially because you are traveling with a large group of people. Imagine trying to get to the city to check out its awesome tourist destinations and hailing a cab that would fit 13 people with 13 seater minibus; chances are, you would not find any. And if ever you do, you will end up paying more than you are supposed to, or worse, more than you can afford.

Benefits of Chartering or Hiring an Airport Transfer Service

You will be delighted to know that you do not need to wait until you get to Singapore before you hire an airport transfer service. You also can forget about making overseas calls just to get your reservations confirmed. The only thing that you need to do is to visit our online booking page and book your transportation from there. The Maxi Cab Booking site is also safe, which means that you can pay for your reservation through PayPal site or cash to the driver.

13 Seater Minibus

13 Seater Minibus

The company’s driver will make sure that you will be picked up on time. You do not have to wait for hours nor should you worry about finding a taxi that would take you to your hotel and your other destinations.

You can personalize your trip details, so if you wish to be picked up at the hotel instead, or if you want to go out for lunch at a specific time, then you may simply include these specifications when you book your trip or give SG Maxi Cab a call once you get to Singapore.

The company guarantees that you will be treated in style. You will surely be impressed to know that the company has served really important delegates and lots of VIPs from around the world. This means that no matter what your status in life is or how much your budget may be, you will feel like celebrities while we are driving you around the city.

Special Malaysia minibus charter services are also available in case you want to visit Malaysia with our minibus or if you have extra places that you would like to visit.

Again the size of the group does not matter, so whether you are traveling with 7 or 12 other people, there is a 7 seater maxi cab and a 13 seater minibus hire ready to take you anywhere in Singapore you would like to go.

Using our hourly or whole-day booking is indeed one of the most convenient way to travel, especially if you will be spending a few days in the country with the rest of your family.

Maxi Cab Airport Transfer

*Actual vehicles may look different from the ones shown.

The travelling time to the airport from hotel (City Area) may take up to 30 – 45 mins. We strongly recommend you arrive at the airport 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time. It is advisable to arrive early at the airport and enjoy last minute shopping at the airport.

Reliable and Trusted Maxi Cab Airport Transfer in Singapore


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Call us to book a Maxi Cab or if you need more information about the service. Our friendly operator will assist you 24×7.

Book Maxi Cab SMS – 9611 6622

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  • Number of Bags

Maxi Cab Online Booking

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Maxi Cab Airport Transfer Rates

Look no further visit our Maxi Cab Booking Online and make your reservation.

7 Seater
(A)$60 | (B)$70 | (C)$165
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)
9 Seater
(A)$70 | (B)$80 | (C)$195
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)
13 Seater
(A)$80 | (B)$90 | (C)$210
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)