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Singapore Airport Transport Service – Maxi Cab Options and Rates

Singapore Airport Transfer

Singapore Airport Transfer

A Singapore airport transport service lets you experience comfort and luxury during your SG trip without even breaking the bank. The good news is that airport transfer solutions are available in varied tour packages and vehicle rates. The rate mainly depends on the type of vehicle you want to charter for your travel needs. There are maxi cabs, Mercedes cabs, limo cabs, London cabs, space taxis, Chrysler cabs, and minibuses among many others. Airport transfer services come in different shapes, sizes, and pricing thus make sure you carefully assess each one and come up with an informed decision.

Passenger Guide to Singapore Airport Transport Service

Booking a maxicab or minibus for your trip to SG is the first thing you need to do in order to secure a quality transport service to begin with. Airport transfer is an important part of your tour especially because it could make or break your tour’s smooth itinerary. From the time your plane landed in Singapore, make sure that everything is in place and in order. A Singapore airport transport service allows you to relax from the airport to your destination. Larger groups benefit from a minibus airport transfer because all you have to do is go on board, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Types of Airport Transfer

You can choose a Singapore airport transport service via terminals 1, 2, or 3 in Changi Airport. Several maxicab and minibus airport transfers also available for the JetQuay CIP Terminal or the CAAS VIP Terminal to Changi Airport. The Seletar Airport is another option but this route is usually for passengers who are taking private aviation services. The airport is also open to very limited commercial flights from selected airlines to destinations.

Airport Transfer Type and Rates

There are various types of transfer on top of the Singapore airport transport service. The most common is the maxi cab transfer which offers normal and midnight transfer. You can also find arrival or departure transfers any time of the day or night you need. The hourly transfer rate is likewise available for some charter operators with the standard flat rates applied. Other than the usual options, passengers can also choose between full day and half day transfer services. Several passengers who availed the Singapore airport transport service also make other arrangements such as getting a whole day trip the next day or as their schedule allows. On top of the flat rates, they may be additional applicable surcharges and fees depending on the contract with the service provider.

Whether it is a business or corporate trip or a private vacation and outing, a Singapore airport transport service is an indispensable means of transportation. Experience hassle-free travel from the time you get picked up in the airport to your departure from the island. Charter transport services can do that and so much more.