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Singapore Maxicab – The Facets of Elegant Rides

A Singapore maxicab is what you need if you want to travel to this exciting metropolis. Whether you are visiting SG for business or leisure, finding the right transport service makes a huge difference. Singapore’s travel industry welcomes a remarkable trend that is sweeping the country by storm. Tourists and locals alike discover the overflowing upsides of hiring a maxicab for their SG tour or special occasion ride.

Singapore Maxicab at a Glance

The exclusive use of an elegant and sophisticated ride to get in and around the metro is a dream come true. You need not have hundreds and thousands of dollars to get exclusive access to this remarkable transport service. All you have to do is find the right Singapore maxicab minibus company and enjoy your one-of-a-kind ride. The metropolis is an ideal and friendly place for business and pleasure and having a convenient and stylish ride is a bonus to say the least.

 The Maxicab Basics

The vehicle specifications of a maxicab vary from one maxicab service provider to another. Thus, it helps to make a pre-trip research so that you know your options and you get to choose the ideal ride based on your travel requirements. The typical maxicab has seating capacity of 7 adult passengers plus one driver. The usual unit showcases 8 seats with a 3-point seat belt. Maxicabs are limo cabs that have the most elegant looks with the most powerful engines for optimal performance. You can experience the ride that is only reserved for the rich and famous, but not anymore!

 Flexible Ride Layout

A Singapore maxicab is highly recommended for its sophisticated looks and maximized road performance. Nonetheless, these are not the only things that make a maxicab the best ride in the SG metropolis. Although the maximum seating capacity of a typical maxicab is 7, the flexibility of the seating layout caters to your unique travel needs. In most cases, a maxicab accommodates five passengers with comfortable space. Even 7 passengers still have a convenient ride with enough space for personal belongings and luggage.

Passengers with Special Needs

One of the reasons why a Singapore maxicab is passenger-friendly is that it has design features that allow it to cater to passengers with special needs. For instance, a maximum of 4 passengers is accommodated with an addition of a wheelchair bound passenger. Moreover, there is a maximum 5 sets of luggage to still fit inside the vehicle. The great news about maxicab is that this vehicle is designed with ample interior space to avoid cramping. Moreover, it has higher roofs and huge door access.

Other Maxicab Services

Aside from the usual transfer for arrival and departure and the hourly disposal, a maxicab is also perfect for meetings and executive chauffeur transfers, client pickups, and wedding transport service. The beautiful exterior design of a maxicab combined with its powerful performance on the road makes it a great tour ride.

Choose a Singapore maxicab today and experience sophisticated travels without spending all your vacation dollars.