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The Process of Minibus Booking

minibus rental servicesBefore setting foot in the famous Merlion City, make sure that your Singapore minibus booking is already done ahead of time. Singapore is famous for its tourist spots which is a definite place for a traveler to include on his list of places to go to. May you be a solo traveler or in a group, you are bound to have a memorable experience.

Before you even search for the hotel which will serve as your home away from home, your transport service is also a priority that you shouldn’t set aside.  Completing the booking early will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run because of the savings that you get. Early or advanced booking aside from being free also saves you time. This can be accomplished online or by calling the hotline number. Doing this while early is good as you get to know who to get in touch with on the company’s service personnel plus you get more familiar with their terms and conditions for the service being provided.

These are the details you have to provide for the booking and reservation of a minibus service:

Flight Details – You need to provide the time of your flight as this will be the basis for your pickup time for airport transfer and other services. In cases of emergency and travel delays, the personnel will be made aware of any adjustments necessary to make sure your arrival and transfer is still convenient and comfortable for you.

Transfer – Information you need to provide to the receiving personnel to make sure that everything is setup prior will be the date of your arrival and when you will utilize the service. You also need to advise about the time of your arrival and number of hours you will rent the minibus on your trip around SG. Lastly, your travel plan, the places you intend to visit on the entire duration of your stay. Giving this as an advanced heads-up makes your travel around the city smooth and worry free because the driver is already well informed on where you prefer to go. In the event that any adjustments of any sort need to be made, contact the customer service line right away to apply the necessary changes and so that they can also instruct the driver.

Guest Details – Provide your contact information including your full name, contact number, and card information ONLY if the company you are dealing with is secure and credible. Depending on the company, other modes of payment are also accepted.

Minibus – Booking ahead of time gives you the advantage of choosing what type of minibus you need which includes your preferred amenities and features. It is like being able to shop ahead even before the store is open.

Once you have found the right minibus company, then the rest will be hassle free and all you’ve got to do is sit back and relax and enjoy your Singapore tour with your group.