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Singapore Minibus Charter – What to Look For

Maxicab & Minibus ServiceSingapore tourism is booming by the minute. Along with the remarkable improvements in the metro is the launch of top notch transportation services particularly a Singapore minibus hire. Given the influx of tourists in SG, the availability of quality and sophisticated rides such as a minibus for group tours is a huge difference. It makes traveling in and around the metropolis so much easier and better with a touch of class. A lot of clients choose to charter a luxury minibus service in Singapore either for business or leisure.

What to Look for in a Singapore Minibus

Not all rides are created equal and that is definitely true with a minibus in the Merlion City. Modern minibuses are made with elegant designs and the most powerful engines to cater to all travel needs. Gone are the days of cramping inside the bus or taking the public transit which is too bothersome for everyone in the group. Group tours are always best when you are on board a Singapore minibus.

Take a look at the following qualities of a top notch Singapore minibus for a stylish, convenient, and safe group tour without breaking the bank:


Without looking at the bus unit first, the important feature you need to look into is the credential of the bus company. There are numerous service providers in the metropolis but only a few are licensed and certified. You can request for a proof of license and insurance to protect you from unforeseen expenses during the trip. It helps to make sure you are dealing with a scam-free Singapore minibus company than suffer the consequences in the future.

Fleets of minibus

Different companies offer varied fleets of minibuses for group tours. There are minibuses in various automobile brands and models. The great news is that almost all companies have the latest models with powerful performance and stylishly contemporary designs inside and out. Choose the ideal fleet depending on your travel needs, accommodation requests, and the number of passengers in your group.

Price Rates of minibus

Although minibuses are luxurious rides for your SG group tour, it does not necessarily reflect their price rates. For instance, you can find a Singapore minibus with just the right pricing. The secret is to make your pre-trip research and compare different service providers based on their quotes and initial price rates. Different companies may have their own terms and conditions when it comes to fees and charges.


The best Singapore minibus is loaded with the best features and amenities. Today’s minibus introduces different amenities from air-conditioned interiors to carpeted floors. There are also units with more technologically advanced features such as TV, DVD, and other multimedia devices. Talk to the service provider and make special arrangements on the amenities you want to request before your scheduled trip.

The best Singapore minibus is available in the metro especially for special group tours today. Make your checklist as to the important features of a minibus hire service you want to make your tour extra comfortable, safe, and downright fun.