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Singapore Taxi Drivers Trained with Life Saving Skills


Times have certainly changed. International news agencies are abuzz with stories of bombing and other terrorism-related attacks where even the some of the most peaceful communities during the most peaceful of gatherings are not spared.
The global terrorism threat is no longer something that should be taken lightly. The attacks are targeted at the cities with very high population density and the soft targets are areas where people normally congregate. Singapore is one such country that has high population density and as a premier private transport service provider in Singapore, we take these threats very seriously since it affects the safety of our clients especially if we are transporting a big groups through our bus charter services.

A Call to Arms

The Singapore government is determined to not take the peace and order that the country is currently enjoying for granted so the government, in partnership with SMRT and Temasek Cares, the philanthropic arm of Temasek Holdings, put up an initiative that would help strengthen and reinforce community response to terrorism.

100 SMRT taxi drivers were given training on emergency response as part of a three-year program. These drivers will get alerts from Singapore Civil Defence Force’s MyResponder app if they are within a 1.5-kilometre radius of an emergency situation such as a cardiac arrest case.

Aside from the initial program that they rolled out, the Ministry for Home Affairs (MHA) will be working with the National Taxi Association (NTA) in giving skills to more cab drivers and their union leaders of basic life-saving and basic first aid such as the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

There will be thirty-five participants for this initiative and their training is scheduled to start by November. Aside from the first aid emergency response training, these trainees will be taught to be on alert for overly laden vehicles or those with suspicious looking items within, also to look out for suspicious characters and objects in their areas of operation. They will also be educated on the importance of pulling together and what they can do in the aftermath of an attack.

Answering the Call

The SGMaxi team is one with the initiative to inform, educate, and train our personnel in order to be able to respond to emergency situations. We are in agreement with the call of the Singapore government for vigilance that that could help the battle against terrorism and  by supporting the SGSecure movement and it’s “Run-Hide-Tell” protocol that could help our citizens in the event of an attack and potentially save countless of lives.

We are of the opinion that the people we have on the streets, the ones providing your limousine services in Singapore, the ones who are ferrying more than 4 people in our maxi cab or mini buses, the ones who frequent what are considered the high risk areas because of our airport shuttle services and other high population density areas, are the very same ones who may have the capability to help save others or help avoid any attacks.

The companies within the country are being called to incorporate resilience into their organizations. We are committed to make our company disaster-prepared and our employees well prepared and mentally equipped with crisis management. We have heard the call and we are working to make the government initiatives as part of our own internal training. As proof our our commitement to improve our quality of service and safety, we have just been Bizsafe Level 3 certified and we are definitely going towards other safety ceritifcations as well!