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Taxi Singapore

How To Choose Taxi Service Singapore

If you are looking for a good taxi Singapore, you are in luck. We offer the best taxi services in Singapore for people looking to move around the city comfortably. Here are a few reasons why you should choose best taxi service for your private transport needs in Singapore.

Are They Reputable?

Start by asking for referrals to a good taxi company in Singapore. It’s a sure bet that our name will come up a few times. We have worked tirelessly to maintain a stellar reputation in the city.

Look through their website, you will find a lot of positive testimonials from previous customers. They always make sure that their clients’ transport needs are met and surpass those expectations.

DO They Have Safety Features In All Our Vehicles?

If you choose one of  taxis Singapore, you can always count on top notch safety. Take a good look through the vehicle and you will notice a few safety features such as seatbelts, child locks and mechanically sound vehicle.

On the other hand, drivers are well trained to handle anything that happens while on the road. As the customer, you are the top priority and we will never put you in harm’s way.

Are They Dependable?

Let’s say you are going to a business meeting. It would be daunting if you can’t get there on time because of a lackluster private transport option. Well, wherever you are going in the city, we are here to make sure you get there fast and safe.

By choosing taxi Singapore company, you can rest assured that you will get to the location on time. We will not disappoint you. If there are any obstructions on the road, our drivers are advised to find the best route to help you get to your destination without any delays.

Always Hire Courteous And Professional Drivers

We have searched the city for the best drivers and that’s who will drive you around. When you get into the taxi, you will be met with a pleasant greeting and smile. If you want to chat along the way, the driver will be excited to maintain the conversation.

However, most taxi drivers understand that their main goal is to get you to the destination on time. Therefore, it’s alright if you want a quiet ride because the driver will give you the peace of mind you need while in the vehicle.

Also, we ensure that all the taxi drivers in our company are well dressed. As they are out and about driving our clients, they are a representation of the company and we want you to get a good impression of us.

Finally, the drivers always keep the vehicles clean. If there is any mess, the driver will clean the vehicle before accepting any other fares. Our objective is to make sure that you are comfortable.

In conclusion, riding around the city in one of our taxis is a dream come true. We will offer you affordable rates and the best service. Call us now and book one of our taxis without any delays.

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Taxi Singapore Rates

Taxi Singapore uses metered fare. Total fares vary from point to point. It will be calculated based on, flag down rate plus surcharges like peak period, city, midnight and Airport whichever apply.

For flat rate fare you may consider minibus rental or limousine services.

Flag down

Comfort & Citycab Flag down rates

  • Hyundai Sonata Taxi – $3.20
  • Hyundai i-40 Taxi – $3.70
  • Limousine Cab / Toyota Prius / Hyundai Ionoq & Kona Taxis – $3.90
Rates listed are for 1st 1km or less
Every 400m thereafter or less up to 10km
Every 350m thereafter or less after 10km
Evert 45 seconds of waiting or less

$0.22 for all types of taxi / $0.30 for Limousine Cabs

Taxi Booking

Comfort & Citycab Current Booking Rates

  • Monday – Friday (except Public Holidays) 0600 – 0929 > $3.30
  • Monday – Sunday & Public Holidays 1800 – 2359 > $3.30
  • All other times > $2.30
  • Limousine Cab > $10

Comfort & Citycab Advance Booking Rates

Booking made 30 minutes before pick up.

  • Normal Taxi – $8.00
  • Limousine Cab – $18

Taxi Surcharges

Peak Period

Monday – Friday (Except Public Holidays) 0600 – 0929 > 25% of metered fare

Late Night

0000 – 0559 > 50% of metered fare

City Area

Monday – Sunday & Public Holidays 1700 – 2359 > $3

Changi Airport

  • Friday – Sunday 1700 – 2359 > $5
  • All Other times > $3