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The Mid-Autumn Festival – Let SGMaxi Take You to the Best of It


One of the much awaited festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival takes place today in Singapore. It’s a beautiful and colorful festival that is celebrated by Singapore’s Chinese community but also enjoyed by everyone else.

There are many things to look forward to on this day with mooncakes shared around as the highlight of festival. If you are looking at last minute mooncake delivery to business associates, check out our transport services in Singapore!

Behind the Mid-Autumn Festival

This particular festival is heavily linked to a lot of lunar myths and legends as it is known to be the day when the moon shines it’s brightest. The Legend of Chang Er being one of them

Chang Er’s story tells of a wife to a cruel emperor who saved people from his oppressive rule by drinking the elixir of immortality that was supposedly for her husband. In this story, she ascends to the moon after consuming the elixir and was then worshipped as a Moon Goddess by Chinese folk.

And because this is a lunar associated event, the party begins once the sun goes down.

A Colorful Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is known for the beautiful colors it brings from all its beautiful celebration activities.

It’s an event that brings Chinese families and their guests together to enjoy the night sky and the bright light of the moon as they have their own moon-viewing picnic’s and parties. They relax and enjoy good tea coupled with sweet, tasty mooncakes, light colorful paper lanterns, and even fill the air with sounds of poetry as they burst in their own compositions in fashion of the Tang Dynasty. If you are making this a huge event to bring the whole family of multiple generations, consider our 9 to 13 seater mini bus or even a 20-40 seater bus charter services!

Children enjoy lighting up beautiful lanterns of different shapes, sizes and colors, and some even equipped with musical battery-operated devices. While the venue event showcases larger sized traditional lanterns donned with beautiful art, and made with expert craftsmanship.

Mooncakes – Bringing the Festive Atmosphere

Mooncakes, which are known to be a highlight of this festival, come in many shapes, colors and varieties in ingredients. People who participate in the celebration bring each other mooncakes and most business establishments (especially of Chinese decent) tend to give out mooncakes too for prosperity.

If you’re looking for some unique and beautiful mooncakes to give out as gifts you can check these out:

  • Carlton Hotel’s fresh in-house Mooncake particularly their Mini Walnut Moontarts are a must try.
  • Mei-Xin mooncakes offering their famous Lava Chocolate Mooncake, you can expect great mooncakes from Hong Kong’s leading brand in the mooncake scene for 18 years now.
  • Ne Garden Catering’s classic offering of Assorted Fruits & Nuts Mooncake with a plentiful filling of fruits and nuts

SGMaxi Takes You to the Festival

Travel together with your family and friends as you enjoy the sights along the roads on your way to your moon-viewing party.

Along with the traditional activities, you ca also find themed events happening across the city. This includes lantern painting contests, parties by the beach, cartoon-themed lantern displays. We’re keeping track of all the wonderful events planned in the city so simply ask our drivers what hot spots you can check-out to enjoy this festival.

And if you’re looking to get some help delivering mooncakes for your business, our maxi cabs are very dependable support for your needs. If you are bringing some important guests around do consider using our limousine services in Singapore like the Rolls Royce limousine, Mercedes limousine service or even the Toyota Alphard or Vellfire limousines!

So book with SGMaxi as you enjoy this colorful Mid-Autumn Festival.