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Things to Avoid Inside a Limo to Avoid the Possibility of a Steep Bill


Booking a limo for any event or occasion in order to add to its glamor quotient as well as to make the happening more special, calls for the customer or patron to invest a princely sum. Therefore, the service provider cautions the prospective client from misusing the interiors of a limo and refrain from indulging in activities that may lead to his or her being billed for an amount which is way above what it should actually be.

It doesn’t need to be emphasized that a Mercedes limousine service or a Rolls Royce limousine not only appears classier in comparison to a hatchback, SUV or MUV but is also more comfortable to travel in. Ordinarily limos (regardless of the make and mode) come equipped with some extraordinary features that put this category of automobile way above others in terms of sophistication and class.

Hence, these luxury vehicle firms never fail to recommend its steadfast and prospective customers to conduct self cordially and avoid doing the following:-

1. Turning the vehicle into a dustbin

A limousine service provider expects clients to return the limo exactly in the same condition as it was in when hired. That requires the customer to keep the interiors spic and span which in turn implies that he or she doesn’t litter the place making the area look filthy and messy. Don’t be surprised or alarmed when the rental outfit sends you an inflated invoice as the company won’t spend its own resources to clean up the premises in order to make the vehicle ready for its next trip.

2. Dictating the chauffeur to drive along a lengthy route

It will be the height of idiocy and impracticality to keep dictating the chauffeur to change roads and lanes for getting to your desired destination resulting in loss of time as well as burning up extra gasoline. Since the onus of selecting a predetermined driving route will be on you, you will have to shell out extra for any diversions from the prescribed route. So that you don’t have to pay over and above your normal invoice amount, chalk out the shortest distance between the pickup and drop points and pass on the info to your limousine service company.

3. Damaging property intentionally

Although this doesn’t need to be mentioned, damage of any sort caused by you or your guests will prove costly. It is expected that the customers being well-aware about the costs involved in buying and maintaining a service of this scale would never intend to damage the vehicle intentionally.

No wonder then that owning a limo is considered an exalted status symbol and the ultimate in luxury. Most of the limo service providers in Singapore will tell you how prohibitive or exorbitant it can be to keep a limo fleet in running condition, not to speak of the salaries of the chauffeurs and customer service staff as well as other related expenses. Actually, any of these habits are good to be practiced across whether you are going on our hired maxi cab services or a bus charter service in Singapore!