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Things to Consider before Making a Maxi Cab Booking


A maxi cab booking basically seals your deal with a maxi cab operator when you decide to hire one for your transport service. Maxi cabs are becoming popular trends in the transportation niche particularly in Singapore. The booking process is quite simple even though there are slight differences depending on the service provider. Learn and understand the proper booking and reservation of a maxi cab service and enjoy the perks of this private luxury ride.

General Steps for a Maxi Cab Booking

Although there are companies that offer last minute transport services, booking a maxi cab or a mini bus charter requires you to do the reservation a day or days before your scheduled trip. If you need a ride for arrival or departure, book a maxi cab ahead of time to avoid any confusion and delay. You can find online maxi cab booking forms when you navigate the official website of established maxi cab operators in SG. You need to provide your date of arrival or departure, the place of pickup and your destination from point A to B.

 Pick a Vehicle

Upon providing your schedule and the place of pickup and drop off for the maxi cab booking, you need to pick the maxi cab type you want to hire. Nowadays, reputable maxi cab businesses offer a wide range of selection when it comes to maxi cabs and package rates. Depending on the service provider, you can find numerous brands and models of vehicles to choose from. Some limo taxis come in various sizes and seating capacity. You can select a Mercedes, Chrysler, Toyota Alphard, and even mini buses of your choice.

Personal Information

Provide your personal information and contact details in order to make an account with the company for easy reference. You need to give your name, mobile number where you can be contacted, your email address, and the number of passengers to be accommodated. You can also provide special instructions if you have any specific travel needs during the maxi cab booking.


Your maxi cab booking will not be confirmed and carried on if you don’t make the necessary payment. Different service providers have their own rules when it comes to booking, payment, cancellation, and refund if they have any policies on that. However, the payment mode is generally through credit card such as MasterCard and Visa, PayPal, and other money transfer forms such as wire transfers or electronic wallet.

24/7 Booking

Make sure you choose a service provider that offers round the clock booking and reservation services whatever your time zone may be. More than that, a maxi cab operator that offers 24/7 customer support service gives you convenience and easy means of communication especially if you have any travel concerns or additional requirements along the way.

Learn the basics of maxi cab booking and you will surely not encounter any hassle and drawback in the process. Make your stay in Singapore special and worry-free, starting with the right transportation service. Maxi cabs are ideal for small or large groups.