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Tips for Negotiating Bulk Rates with Limo Rental Services

If your profession requires you to travel abroad on a frequent basis, then you would be fully conversant about the hassles that a frantic travel schedule brings in its wake. As a regular business traveler, you surely have had your share of missed flights, stays in ramshackle hotels, unsavoury food, and so on. There’ve been times, when you were inexorably late for a meeting as you would have to wait in a long queue before you got into a cab.

Opting for limo rental in Singapore, especially if you happen to be a corporate traveller might enable you to arrive just in time for a significant business meet minus the usual hiccups. Or, if you’re a tours & travels operator, occasionally accompanying your clients during foreign trips, you can engage a Singapore limousine rental services outfit for transporting passengers in the lap of luxury. In both the cases, you’re in a position to confidently negotiate with the service provider for quoting a bulk rate.

Negotiating for a bulk rate is easier when you rent a limo more often

You could be a high-flying corporate executive or a jetsetter socialite or a renowned business tycoon who lives his or her life out of a suitcase. For you, being seen stepping out of a sleek stretch to attend a conference or social function limo is far more important than saving a few bucks by travelling in a cab or local transport and arriving late. Obviously, booking a luxury vehicle from a Singapore limousine rental services would be apt for you.

Naturally, hiring a limo every time you arrive in Singapore for a meeting or symposium will turn out to be more expensive than hailing a cab or taking the metro. So, why not negotiate or parley for a special rate with your limo rental in Singapore? If a service provider is convinced that you’re going to use their services more often, the agency will bend over backwards to provide you a rebate or a long-term fixed rate which will obviously be lesser than what the transporter charges usually.

Parleying when travelling habitually as part of a group

Another instance where you can discuss with a Mercedes limousine service in Singapore or other limo options for a bulk or uniform rate is when you’re in charge of transporting a large group from one point to another. For example, if you’re a travel manager or supervisor escorting a group of 6-8 people on behalf of a tour agency, you can request the outfit to offer you a cheaper rate.

A little painstaking research goes a long way

Before you can contact the different agencies providing limousine services in Singapore, you should browse on the net for firms or companies that update special offers from time to time apart from their routine services. Compare and contrast the rates charged by at least 4-5 service providers for the same kind of service. Once you’re armed with the information, you’ll have it easier when you bargain for better (read cheaper) rates.

Do your homework when thinking of a long-term contract

The luxury transportation agency or outfit will invariably ask for details including but not limited to number or passengers, the duration for which the vehicle will be required, and add-on services. If you’re thinking of going for a long-term contract, you’ll need to keep such details ready.

To say the last but not the least, it enhances your chances of driving a good bargain, if you’ve some idea about how the limousine transportation business.