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Tips On Travelling Cheaply In Singapore

Tips On Travelling Cheaply In Singapore

Going to a place like Singapore may have been on your bucket list, but you haven’t exactly been able to do it because of the budget challenges that may come with it.

However, it is not entirely impossible to make your dream a reality while making sure that you don’t get your extra cash by robbing a bank as there are several ways you can pick up to help you travel around Singapore cheaply.

Look for Cheap but Delicious Options

Regardless of where you are, food is a necessary expense. While there are many amazing restaurants and hotels in Singapore that will definitely make your taste buds dance with joy, all these do not come at a cheap price.

However, extravagant restaurants aren’t your only option as there is plenty of cheap food around as long as you look for them earnestly. The many hawker centres that you can probably find just about anywhere are one of the best few options that will help you save some cash and fill up your tummy nicely.

Each hawker centre will probably have a number of stalls that serve a variety of cuisines from Chinese, Indian, Malay to even Japanese cuisine. Though the dishes may look rather simple, they are actually pretty delicious once you eat them.

Get the Most Ideal Mode of Transport

Going from one place to another is imperative if you are in Singapore or anywhere else. Singapore is considered to be a small country hence most locations are easily accessible even on foot. However, not every place is reachable by foot as it is definitely not feasible to be walking for hours and hours to arrive at your destination.

Getting an EZ Link card will allow give you access to any public transportation system in Singapore. Moreover, the best part about this card is that it enables you to pay for the exact mileage you have used, nothing more or less.

You won’t be charged a flat rate as is the norm for most places. Hence, getting the card is a huge money saver. You could also take the cheapest 7 seater taxi in Singapore to tour around the city especially if you are in a big group of friends or family members.

Find Affordable Shelter

Anyone will want to find a place to lay their head and get a shower. While the hotels in Singapore are generally expensive, there is always the option of dorms and hostels if you are looking to save on your trip.

There are quite a number of cheap hostels or dorms that can make your trip to Singapore an affordable one. Look and book for one that offers a lot of amenities like Wifi, reading room and even breakfast, all in one package. The trick here is to book before going for your journey so you are sure of where you are going. You don’t want to land at the airport and start thinking of whether you should be going to the East or West side of Singapore.

Rehydrate Yourself with Tap Water

Right now, you are probably thinking that this is an absolutely ridiculous idea to do. However, in Singapore, it is actually pretty normal.

The tap water in Singapore is clean and safe for drinking. So, you will find that this is a huge money saver because everyone will need to drink water every now and then. All you need to do is bring along a water bottle with you so that you can clean and fill it up at the nearest tap that you can find and you are ready to go. Not to mention, it will help in making sure that you do not go around spending money on bottled water or fizzy drinks to keep cool, as the option of clean tap water is always available.

Singapore is believed to be a costly place to live in or visit, but with the above tips, you can confidently book your trip to the beautiful city.