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Top 5 Factors That Influence the Limo Hire Prices


If you have ever taken a ride in a Rolls Royce or Mercedes limo, you will surely like to remember the thrill of traveling in the luxury vehicle for the rest of your life. The feeling that you’ve when you step inside a limousine or step out of it in public is something that cannot be expressed in words. But are you aware that a limousine service in Singapore has to take into consideration specific aspects or factors that have a bearing on its limo rental rates. Awareness of these factors contributes towards selecting a limousine service apposite for your specific needs and preferences.

1. Standardized services

A limousine service in Singapore that has been engaged in the luxury travel business for many years will be in a position to offer omnibus services that you’ll always get regardless of the purpose of your hire. For instance, the service provider will offer you or your guests a complimentary drink during the journey. Then again, the passengers will be able to take advantage of built-in Wi-Fi services while traveling or watch a movie on a giant screen.

While some service provider will provide the above as standardized services rates for which will be included in your quote, some operators might offer these as add-ons that will attract additional charges.

2. The model or brand of limo

There are several automobile companies that manufacture limousine models where each model is suitable to be used for a set of occasions. In other words, no single make or model can be apt for all kinds of events. If you’ve invited only a select group of individuals for your 1st wedding anniversary, you’ll surely not opt for a stretch Rolls Royce limousine that can accommodate many passengers at a time. You could be looking at a 4 seater limo or even a 6-seater one like the Toyota Alphard or Vellfire. Naturally, the larger the limo, the higher will be the price for renting the same.

3. The occasion or the event

A wedding or a hen/stag party is something that you normally organize once in your entire lifetime. To make the event worth recalling or reminiscing, you rent a stretch limo that not only has enough space for all your special guests but is equipped with all the amenities like beverages, toilet, Wi-Fi, and so on. Hence choosing a limo suitable for the occasion also influences the price factor.

4. The time period for which the limo is being hired

A limousine company usually gives you a quote based on the number of hours for which you’ll book the limousine. Usually, the rate quoted is on a per hour basis and the factors that are taken into account for working out the rate includes the time it takes to travel to the destination from the company’s address, waiting time before a travel starts, the chauffeur’s salary, and so on.

5. Time of the year

The rate or hire price to a large extent depends on the time of the year when you’re opting for the service. Rates are naturally going to be high during the holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.