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Top 5 Myths about Stretch Limousines


A stretch limousine service in Singapore is the ultimate in luxury travel and is considered as an impeccable embodiment of ‘wealth’ and ‘status’. The majority of Singaporeans have formed their impressions about a stretch limo after viewing the vehicle in a movie, TV program or a road-show of pop musicians. A minuscule proportion of the populace in the tiny island nation may have actually availed of limousine service and therefore most individuals have developed ideas about this swanky vehicle that can be best termed as myths.

Most of the limousine service providers in Singapore or for that matter from any part of the world mostly maintain their fleet of limos in tiptop condition. These luxurious vehicles are kept in their prime conditions so that they can be rented out to clients for once-in-a-lifetime events and occasions like weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and prom nights. However, people who admire the services or the ones who dream about renting one for themselves, usually have their own set of perceptions which in fact do not reflect reality. Some of the popular myths include the ones discussed below:

1. Limos are showpieces and not meant for extensive use

Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you’ve seen a pop star or Hollywood celebrity emerging from a limo in a movie (or even in real life) and felt that using the vehicle was tantamount to profligacy, then think again. Of course, there are stretch limos that are simply fuel guzzlers and serve only an ostentatious purpose but their numbers are extremely few. A Rolls Royce limousine or a Mercedes stretch limo not only has an immense aesthetic appeal but is also spacious and outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities. It’s function is to put the passengers in a place of luxury with all the amenities, facilities and service not found in other vehicles.

2. Limos are the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous

There is an element of ‘truth’ in this myth as we’re used to seeing the well-to-do and the well-heeled stepping in and out of these stretch vehicles. However, over the years, limo services in Singapore have mushroomed. These companies have fiercely competed with each other for offering their services for weddings, stag parties, airport transfers, business meets, and so on. Cut-throat competition led to price wars that compelled service providers to bring down rates to a realistic level.

3. A lot of passengers can be squeezed into a stretch limo

Contrary to what you may think, the room inside a stretch limo is mostly taken up by a bar, elaborate music system with psychedelic lights, a large LED TV screen, and a toilet. So, that leaves the only limited amount of space for accommodating a fixed number of passengers so that they can enjoy the facilities without having to breathe down each other’s neck.

4. Limos are for high-profile events only

Though hiring a limousine service can add to the glam quotient of a wedding or a birthday, you can always hire a stretch limo just for travelling from place to another.

5. Limos are not meant to be driven on main roads or highways

Just because you don’t always see limos hugging the streets or thoroughfares doesn’t mean driving these on busy roads is illegal.