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Top 5 Tips to Find a Cost-Effective Limousine Hire


Firms or agencies offering imousine services in Singapore or limo rental outfits located in other countries, charge by the hour, unlike taxis or other types of surface transport that offer quotes based on total passengers and mileage. All forms of surface or ground transport including limo hire businesses maintain price parity only for airport shuttles or transfers.

But several companies furnishing luxury vehicles or limos for wedding anniversaries, prom events, stag & hen parties, corporate occasions, concerts often follow unethical billing practices like factoring in non-existent surcharges. So, you would need to shop around meticulously both online and offline comparing features and rates of 4-5 limousine services before you can zero in on a service provider that can customize a package appropriate for your needs and preferences.

1. Find a service provider that understands your needs

A typical limousine service in Singapore usually provides you a quote for its standardized services that has been preset or predetermined on an hourly basis. So, you might be billed for an extended timeframe which works out to be much more than the number of hours for which you’ve actually used the vehicle. Most rental firms usually include the time it takes for the limo to travel from its base to your location as well as for the time-periods it remains on standby.

Review well in advance the total time that may be spent in transporting your guests from one point to another and the maximum interval period for which the limo might have to be kept waiting in between trip or trips. Thereafter, negotiate with the service providers for a flat rate.

2. Discard add-on services you don’t need

Mercedes limousine service in Singapore or for that matter any other car generally tags charges for add-on facilities (like beverage services) which you don’t actually need. So, why pay for an extra or add-on that you’ll not be utilizing? For instance, if you’re booking the limo for purely for transporting your guests, then surely you could do without beverages services.

3. Research on surcharges and add-ons that are optional

Firms often tag surcharges including but not limited to fuel cess, highway tolls, and other sundry charges that you’re not liable to pay. Discuss in details about the surcharges the operator usually including in their billing.

4. Don’t keep the vehicle engaged unnecessarily

If your party is scheduled to start in the morning and end at late evening where guests just need to be picked up and dropped at a particular address, then you would paying more for engaging the vehicle during the idle hours.

5. Don’t be obsessed with using a particular vehicle

Why go for a Rolls-Royce limousine when a smaller vehicle like a Toyota Alphard rental will do? Hence, be sure about your requirement and select the vehicle that meets your purpose. And if you need to transport more people in seperate vehicles, you can always consider going for a 7-seater maxi cab or even 9-13 seater mini buses, get your agency to pimp those up for you. Thinking of a busload? Ask if they can get a pimped up bus charter service!

Regardless of what you may think, finding a limousine service in Singapore that charges reasonably without compromising on the quality of service is not a very challenging task, especially if you follow the guidelines outlined above.