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Toyota Alphard Rental with Driver

Going for a Toyota Alphard rental with driver is worth more than just having a ride. Because every now and then, you and your friends aim to travel overseas and explore a new country for the very first time. But how will you be able to really enjoy each other’s company and the trip as a whole, if you do not come fully prepared, starting with the mode of transportation that you will be using when you get to your destination? Luckily, for your upcoming vacation to the fabulous, island-country Singapore, you will have a whole lot of choices in terms of vehicles that you can rent during your stay.

Our company has a varied fleet of well-maintained and brand new cars, mini vans, maxi taxis and buses that could make sure that you will never have to worry about getting around the country. But if you will be touring Singapore with 5 to 7 people, then the Toyota Alphard is definitely the best one for you.

What Makes the Toyota Alphard Special?

There are so many reasons why this vehicle should be your first choice when looking for the best ride to get to know Singapore’s amazing tourist destinations and scenic spots.

  • You will get a vehicle in just the perfect size for your group. And while you may perceive this as a rather small vehicle even for a group of 6, there is more room in this vehicle than you think. You will all fit comfortably since it has bigger leg room and a large back compartment for your belongings and paper bags, in case you all decide to go shopping.
  • Arrival is a breeze. Imagine arriving at the airport without having even the slightest idea on how to even get to your hotel. It would not only signal a bad start for your vacation, but it can also cause a whole lot of stress and pressure. Choosing to rent a Toyota Alphard from us, you can relax knowing that you will have your ride and your driver waiting for you and your companions.
  • The convenience of having a driver cannot be overstated. Just the thought of having a driver to handle all your road related needs and responsibilities would be enough reason to rent an Alphard from us. From pick up, to driving all the way to navigation, you can always rely on your driver to take you to your destination without the fears of getting lost and not being able to make it on time.
  • The rates are affordable. Usually, when you check out different charter bus service providers in Singapore, extra services such as those from a driver, can cost you a whole lot of money. But with a pick up or one-way transfer rate which starts from $60, you will no doubt find it convenient and easy on the pockets. You can also go for hourly packages which start at just $165.

Choosing Maxi Cab Bookings’ Toyota Alphard Rental with driver package will surely turn any plain vacation into something that is well planned and memorable at the same time.