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What Are The Options For Singapore Airport Transportation Services?

It does not matter whether you need to schedule transportation to Legoland for a class trip, or you and your group require airport transfer at midnight, there are several types of transfers at Singapore’s Changi Airport that are reliable, efficient and hassle-free. What’s more, is that they will get you where you need to go on time.

One of the most frequently asked questions by tourists once they have booked a flight to Singapore is how will they get from the Changi Airport to downtown. The following guide will help you navigate your travel from the airport to your destination with ease.

After navigating through the different types of airport transfers, you will know which method of transportation is best suited for your needs. The pros, cons and other details will be listed below for you to consider.

Brief Overview

Singapore is an island, state and city combined and is considered one of the most enticing travel destinations in the world for many reasons. Changi Airport is located on the eastern side of Singapore, and it is considered one of the busiest airports in all of Asia.

Tourists can shop the very latest in fashion along Orchard Road, enjoy some of the popular local drinks at the famed Raffles Hotel, or simply enjoy a day getting up close and personal with the animal world at Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo. However, in order to see all that Singapore has to offer, you must know the best airport transfers from Singapore’s airport (Changi Airport).

Before You Begin

In Singapore, bus passengers have the option of paying with cash or they can pay with an Ez-link-card. Cash fares are higher than the Ez-link-card fares. So, if you want to save money and also make your airport transfer more convenient, you should consider purchasing a Singapore Tourist Pass or an Ez-link-card.

The Ez-link-Card

This is a type of smart card that can be used to pay for transportation fares on:

MRT (Metro)
Other private transport

This card can also be extremely useful when you want to purchase food and drinks from stores and vending machines.

This card can be purchased at the Passenger Service Centers at many MRT Stations, 7-Eleven stores and bus interchanges. If you purchase a new card at a convenience store, you will pay around SGD10, or $7.29. However, the card only cost SGD5, so you will have an additional SGD5 stored on the card that can be used for purchases.

Ticket machines at MRT stations will allow you to top your card off, or you can add more value to the card at a 7-Eleven store. Keep in mind that Ez-link cards must have a minimum of SGD3 or $3.20 on them so they can be used on MRT and buses.

Singapore Tourist Pass

If you are planning to do a lot of travelling while you are in Singapore, a better option would be to get a Singapore Tourist Pass. These are cost-effective, and there are three different passes you can choose from:

1 day pass – SGD10 or $7.29
2 day pass – SGD16 or $11.67
3 day pass – SGD20 or $14.60

These passes will allow you to have unlimited rides on trains and buses while you are in Singapore.

Changi Airport Taxis

A taxi will be the quickest and most comfortable means of transport from the airport to any other venue in the city. The taxi drivers are available to serve you anytime day or night. They will take you directly to your hotel and will even help with luggage.

You can find a taxi at the taxi stands located at the Arrival levels in each Terminal. All of the taxis are run by meter, so you do not have to worry about being overcharged for your trip.

The average travel time from Changi Airport to City Hall is around 20 minutes, with the average trip costing around SGD20 or $14.60. This amount is based on a regular taxi ride during non-peak hours.

Changi Airport Shuttle

The Changi Airport Shuttle offers an inexpensive yet convenient way to travel to and from the airport. The shuttles are shared vans and they offer drop-offs to the majority of the hotels in central Singapore.

This is the best option for single travellers with little luggage. You can reserve a seat in advance online, or you can book one at one of the Ground Transport Desks that are located on the Arrival levels.

The average travel time is 25 minutes when traffic conditions are good, and the average costs are SGD9 or $6.56 for each adult and SGD6 or $4.38 for each child under the age of 12 years old.

The service is available 24 hours a day and runs every 15 minutes during peak times, and every 30 minutes during non-peak hours.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

One of the best things about using MRT as an airport transfer is that it is extremely cheap. This is the best option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on airport transfers.

However, there are some challenges with this type of transport. One challenge is changing the MRT line. The Changi line is considered a spur line. This means that it connects the Changi Airport Station to the Green line at the Tanah Merah station. You will need to catch a Green line MRT train at this station so you can visit many of the popular tourist spots like Chinatown and Raffles Place.

At the airport, the MRT station is located in the basement of Terminal 2. If you do not see a sign for the terminal, just follow signs that say something like ‘Take this train to the city’. You will get where you need to go.

A single purchase ticket can be bought at MRT stations or recommended stores.

The average travel time is 32 minutes and the transfer cost SGD1.74 or $1.25 paid via an Ez-link card.

These are just a few of the airport transfer options available at the Changi Airport in Singapore. No matter your destination or budget, there is a transportation service that will meet your needs.