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What Makes A Good Limousine Driver?


Have you ever experienced a one hour drive that felt like forever with you just inching to jump off the cab? Maybe just had someone give you that 15-minute drive to the next stop leaving you nauseated or puking breakfast in the public toilet?

When you’re relying on someone else to drive you to your destination or tour you around, you know that your driver can have a big impact on how well you can enjoy your trip. Especially if your bound for more than a day’s tour.

Not all drivers are the same or have the same aptitude and attitude towards their job and their customer. And while there are great drivers out there, there are also terrible, rude ones or those who just really make customers feel uncomfortable; either with their driving or the conversations they’re trying to start with their customer. Some drivers are just really trying hard to make a good impression with their customer so they can get a re-book but aren’t aware if that’s what they’re really giving (a good impression).

And when it comes to limousine services in Singapore, it is only fair that customers expect the best service. One which should be above your regular taxi driver on the streets. SGMaxi maintains the same excellent standard for all its different services including the maxi cab and the mini bus services. So what really makes a good Limousine driver?

1. Knows and delivers to the most obvious expectations

Good limousine drivers

  • Are Always on time
  • Are Always reachable
  • Practice Careful driving – doesn’t cut up the road and make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride.
  • Practice smooth driving – doesn’t leave you juggling inside the car in the passenger seat.

At SGMaxi, these basic things are something our drivers are well trained on and equipped to deliver. Many customers have commended our drivers for being consistent in delivery on these basic expectations and more.

2. Has a good grasp of the area traffic, best routes and alternative routes

Customers tend to get frustrated when a driver can’t strategize safely and cleverly through traffic or obstacles. While drivers who know their way around these things and get their customers to their destination on time and safely are always appreciated and commended.

This is why SGMaxi staff and drivers are trained to be very knowledgeable of the best routes and traffic, and are equipped with GPS and communication tools to navigate through the roads very effectively.

3. Cleanliness and Car Safety

Even when a driver is smoking or has had passengers who have been smoking, this cigarette stench is not an experience a lot of customers appreciate. Especially for those who travel with kids. Additionally, not all customers will readily clean up or can avoid accidently leaving any clutter or trash.

The best drivers keep their vehicles spotless and clean inside and out. Including checking their engine, brakes and radiator coolant. They have their side mirrors and rear-view mirrors adjusted to precision.

They also ensure that limo services for the customer’s needs are equipped, working and filled including GPS, media, refrigerator stock, have small snacks/candies, and network connection, and they also make sure that linen and interiors are clean and comfortable.

Drivers who know how to and have the commitment to keep their vehicles clean and well-prepared get high points for customer satisfaction. This is something very important for SGMaxi too, so we ensure our vehicles are all maintained to the highest standards.

4. The Gentleman’s Excellent Service

Good drivers know and willingly: Open doors for their passengers

  • Open doors for their passengers
  • Have a handy umbrella or hold their customer’s umbrella for them
  • Assists with loading and unloading packages
  • Pulls-over at the proper stops that are comfortable for their customers to alight. And this includes not pulling up on a puddle, distance from the loading area, and pulling up near a valet that can assist the customer.
  • Knows to anticipate their customer’s needs and assist with these needs

Polite and professional service is something you can surely expect from our drivers. You can be sure that our drivers will not engage in political rants, eat food in the vehicle, sell you any merchandise or tell you crazy stories. Our staff and drivers will always be committed to ensuring your comfort and safety.

5. The Right Disposition

Some drivers think it’s a requirement to strike up a conversation. If they want to do that that have to make sure they stick to things that are related to the trip, like providing advise on best places to and things their customers might not want to miss. And it is also always best to check on your customer’s temperament as well, some people like it better to travel in silence.

At SGMaxi our staff are always friendly and ready to provide advice on your itinerary and will make it a point to understand your needs.

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