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What You Need to Know About Bulky Items Transport

Transporting bicycles

After packing all your stuff from your old flat in Singapore, the next thing that you should think about is how to be able to pull off a bulky items transport mission in the most successful way. As a matter of fact, even before you start putting all your belongings in large boxes or even shopping for new furniture pieces, your mode of transport should already be in place. To be able to make sure that you will be able to move to a new place without the stress and inconvenience, you need find the right transport either Maxi Cab or Minibus  service to help you out.

Things You Should Know About Maxi Cab Bulky Items Transport Service

Alright, before to decide as to whether or not you should go for a specific transport service, it is important for you to know everything there is to know about the company that you have been eyeing on. Here are the things that you should include in your checklist:

  • Types of vehicle to choose from – there should be a good number of choices in terms of vehicles that you can rent for a day or two to move your bulky belongings. This is especially important if you will be transporting bicycles, large pieces of furniture and even those that you have recently purchased from your favorite home depot or improvement shops.
  • The different rates and packages that you can choose from – in case you will be needing more than a day of moving and transporting large objects from your old home, you definitely need the expertise and of course, the assistance of a really reliable and properly priced bulky items transport services. The company should, aside from their hourly and daily rates, have different packages and promos that you can take advantage of, in order to save money on rentals and other services. You also need to make sure that all charges have been broken down and explained in detail. Now, if there would be any extra fees to pay for, these should also be made known to you.
  • Contact information and availability – it is a must to find a company that does not just offer their services online and disappear after you have booked your reservations. You need a company that is more than willing to answer all your queries and attend to your bulky items transfer related needs. The company should have representatives who are available to talk to and explain things to you.

Moving bulky objects need not to be stressful and expensive. With the right bulky items transportation or transport service, you will be able to take advantage of using a maxi cab or a mini bus to move your belongings to your new flat in the city.