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What’s New in SG – A New Culinary Experience Awaits


We keep saying how Singapore has so much to offer fulfilling every whim and interest you could think of. And just when you’re thinking it couldn’t be better than this, well here’s more!

We’ve been excited with the Michelin Guide coming to Singapore to highlight the wonderful and exquisitely tasty dining experience SG has to offer, and now new restaurants are getting ready to open their doors to offer another adventure for your taste buds.

FOO’D by Davide Oldani

This Michelin starred restaurant hailing from Italy is bringing their own culinary philosophy to the culinary scene of Singapore. “Cucina Pop” as they call it, is one that is appreciated in their hometown by big shots like Andrea Borcelli and Giorgio Armani and soon to be open here in SG.

Kam’s Roast

You know a real good roast goose when you’ve had Kam’s Roast. This Michelin starred restaurant from Hong Kong comes to Singapore to continue the owner’s family legacy of the best roast goose.

Though they haven’t found a good supplier yet to make the roast goose available here, you’ll find their perfectly roasted roast duck and pork are quite filling and delicious. And when you make your way here their pork belly is definitely a must-try, it’s not like any other being marinated in their award-winning family secret recipe roasted to a great smoky taste and that crisp skin you’ll truly enjoy.


And another Michelin starred restaurant makes its way to SG! These Japanese Soba Noodles by chef Yuki Onishi takes your Japanese noodles cravings to another level.

The success of their tasty noodles and broth come from well-chosen blends and quality of ingredients that make up the base of their soy broth. Chef and Founder Onishi also works closely with their chosen supplier and brewer for their shoyu, Wakamaya Perfecture to ensure they produce soy sauce that meets their specificiations. The noodles they offer are also uniquely made of 3 variants of whole wheat flour. And these come together in your tasty bowl of your chosen soup base.

Coconut Club

This freshly minted food stop offers a serving of Nasi Lemak for a big price at $12.80. Now you’d think “that is just ridiculous!” But wait until you’ve taken a bite and see what goes into every Nasi Lemak plate they make and you’d probably get another plate!

Japan Rail Café

Japanophiles have been waiting for this train-travel café themed food stop to open its doors and it’s not too far ahead opening on Dec. 4th. This resto will be throwing a rotating menu every month to keep your palates fresh!

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