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Who needs a Taxi Heat Map when you have SGMAXI?


Groundbreaking new technologies pop up often nowadays. Most of the good ones aim to help in making life easier as people continue to find solutions to age-old problems. The number of people in each city of the world continues to rise, and with the current advancements in travel and business booms, one of the biggest priority for citizens and tourists of the world is mobility.

Mobility and convenience are two things that everyone is now looking for, especially those who are living with the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

New Technology: The Heat Map

Recently, a first-year undergraduate student from the National University of Singapore has created a heat map that will give anyone accurate information and view of where the taxis are in Singapore in real time.

According to Tech in Asia, Joseph Tang, a computer science student at the NUS, used the government’s open data initiative to create a map to help out Singapore’s commuting public. Joseph’s map not only shows where the taxis are currently amassed, it also shows the total amount of taxis plying the country’s roads at any given time.

This new technology, coupled with some basic knowledge of time (knowing whether it is already rush hour or not) and the general area where you are located, could give you information about whether or not you will be getting an easy ride to your next destination. This new technology, however, does not give an automatic solution to your immediate need for a ride.

The SG HeatMap looks like it is aimed to inform travelers so that they could efficiently plan their trips and save precious time. It is also very useful data for government agencies when it comes to approving taxi franchises, or for taxi operators who would need to monitor their fleet and be able to contact their drivers to tell them that there is a current shortage of taxi units in a specific place.

How Far Can Information Go

In Singapore, there are busy city folks making the most out of their free time for the day, office workers and businessmen running to their next appointments, and excited travellers either looking to explore a new city or, very weary ones looking to find their hotel the soonest time possible and need an airport transfer.

Say you just finished shopping, went out of the mall, waited for more than a few minutes and wondered where all the taxi cabs went, that’s when the SG HeatMap is truly convenient. It is the perfect information that would help you make decisions on your transportation options.

But then, as mentioned before, this does not really help with actually getting you in a car and on your way. Your best option is still to find a reliable service company that could pick you up and drop you off at specific place and time.

Still The Best Option

Working all the time and you just have a couple of hours in a day to work out your personal errands and enjoy a night out on the town? SGMaxi has Maxi Cabs available for you.

Are you on tour with a big family, or a business trip with a huge entourage? SGMaxi has a line of Mini Buses or Bus Charter services to get you to where you need or want to be.

Is there a special occasion, a big business deal, or just out for a luxurious night in town? SGMaxi also offers limousine services in Singapore.

SGMaxi offers a wide array of transportation options that answers the question “where is my ride?” every given time. You don’t need to keep looking if you will be lucky this time and you’ll be in the area where the taxis are aggregated. If you like the hop on hop off concept where the is no more worries for looking for parking spaces or available parking slots, SGMaxi is the best choice.

And Because Time is Gold

We all know how time is fleeting. There are a million poems and stories written about it. It is something sacred to every single person on this planet because once it has been given; it can never be taken back.

Having information at the tip of your fingertips is but a step to choosing the better option so you can make the most of your time instead of looking at data, or time of arrival, and waiting. Book with SGMaxi, it will save you precious time and offer you the best comfortable ride to your destination.