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Why are Limousines considered to be a status symbol?

The use of limousines was a common practice among the privileged sections of the society and it is the sole reason why these vehicles have become an integral part of the status symbol of wealthy persons in the context of the present world also. These cars were previously available in white or black models but now they are available in pink, magenta, blue, and so on. These stylish vehicles are available on rent market in different segments that include Executive, Premium, Luxury and Stretch to further increase the comfortable travel option of the clients. Limousines were previously used in pleasure trips to entertain guests and royal family members and other elite representatives of the society. But now these cars have become an important sign of status for people who are engaged in different commercial and high-profile professional activities of life.

Now you do not have to spend a huge sum of money to fulfill your dream of riding on a luxury limo car. You can easily materialize this cherished dream by subscribing to the Limousine Services in Singapore by SGMAXI. The agency will not only help you to obtain stylish limousine cars of your choice at a flexible rental charge but also allow you to surprise your partners to the fullest extent. It is due to this long-lasting association with status and prestige of elite people, that these cars grab the attention of bystanders and other automobile drivers. Even today riding on these cars on a rental basis is always considered to be a sign of status in countries like Singapore. By hiring cars like Rolls Royce Limousines on rent, you can easily leave an impression of elite signature style while undertaking any commercial or business trips in Singapore. These cars can also be used for the purpose of providing grand reception to your friends or business clients who have arrived Singapore for the first time.

SGMAXI Limousine Services in Singapore comes with the following vehicle options that are meticulously maintained, carefully inspected, and exactingly detailed so as to increase your convenience and comfort during the journey. The popular options include:

Mercedes Limousine:

This car is quite ideal to accommodate a large group of people and comes with all modern facilities to provide refreshing experience in different stages for a lavish journey. The car normally features cushioned leather seats with quilted leather wraps and also provides an illuminated bar zone which is bundled with welcome non-alcoholic drinks to refresh the mood of travelers inside the seating chamber. The car also features microphone and television with a compatible and premium Bluetooth audio system. The specially designed chamber of this car also offers free Wi-Fi facilities and the seating zone features USB charging outlets or devices to ensure safe charging of devices inside the moving car.

Stretch Limousine:

This car is based on the traditional design concept and it features daily periodicals, television, and a comfortable seating option to make your journey stylish with an impression of an aristocracy.
The agency also offers a number of other vehicles in different segments to choose from. Depending on the occasion and the budgets, a customer may select any of the available options for their requirements. The other options include Toyota Alphard Vellfire and Rolls Royce Ghost Limo.