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Why Choose a Mini bus for Airport Transfer?

airport transfer singaporeHiring a mini bus for airport transfer is not just about having a ride to and from the airport. You can arrive in Singapore with 10 of your best friends and end up having best or the worst vacation ever – all because of the type of charter or airport transfer service that you have chosen for the duration of your trip. Some travelers strongly advise those who will be visiting the country for the first time, to just go with the flow and let everything take its course. But what if you are someone who wants everything planned? The best thing to do is to acquire the services of an airport transport service instead of just winging it as you go.

More Reasons to Choose A Mini Bus for Airport Transfer

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should go for a mini bus for your airport transfers, then you will surely find the following information rather helpful:

mini bus airport transfer

Trips Are Comfortable and Safe

Can you imagine yourselves carrying your bags and squeezing in to small cabs every single time you go out to explore Singapore? Not only will this wear you out easily, you will also feel so stressed and uncomfortable, that you will not be able to enjoy your tours and explorations – your vacation in general. And to save yourselves from all the trouble of hailing cab after cab, you can go for maxi cab bookings, here in Singapore and set up your airport or terminal transfers and even tour assistance. To ensure your safety, you will be driven around Singapore by the best driver!

Packages are Budget Friendly

We understand that you need to stay within a specific budget, which means that our packages and rates will surely suit even the most budgeted group of travelers. You can discuss your budget with the company’s representatives and they will surely find the one the suits your needs best.

Departure / 1 Way Transfer
9 Seater $70 | 13 Seater $80
Add $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Add $15 (midnight 11pm till 6.30am)
Add $15 (waiting time per 10 mins block)
Add $20 (Pick up from Tuas Area)
Arrival (Airport & Ferry Terminals)
9 Seater $80 | 13 Seater $90
Add $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Add $15 (midnight 11pm till 6.30am)
Add $15 (waiting time per 10 mins block)
Inclusive of Meet & Greet
FREE 60mins of waiting time starts once the plane or ferry arrived.

Easy to Reach and Communicate With

The company has every type of contact information that you need in order to find out all that you need to know prior to booking your reservations. You can either give them a call, send them an inquiry through electronic mail or you can send a chat message – which ever you choose, you will surely find a representative who is willing to not only answer your questions but to also explain things to you.

From airport to hotel to your next destination, you will surely find the Singapore mini bus service provider for you and your travel companions.