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Why Do Limousine Services Vary In Terms Of Pricing?

Limousines have always been a popular travel option across the world. No matter whether you have to attend a conference, corporate meeting, wedding event, or receiving guests, a limousine can be your ideal travel companion to create a long lasting impression on your friends and colleagues with a subtle mark of sophistication.

Previously these vehicles were only used for pleasure trips to amuse the elite and royal guests and representatives. Now with the help of several travel agencies, anyone can avail such luxury car on rent for a specific period. These agencies normally operate their business under the commercial tagline of Limousine Service so as to offer different models of Limousines on rent. From these agencies, you will also receive free chauffeur service as well so that you can provide your guests with a comfortable riding experience in busy roads and avenues of places like Singapore.

However, in certain situations, you will notice that in terms of pricing, the rental limousine service in Singapore which is provided usually varies to a significant extent. This trend has also been noticed in respect to other agencies that provide Mercedes Limousine Service in Singapore to the local people and tourists who have arrived in this exotic country for the first time. No doubt that you have already noticed this trend among companies offering limousine service charge normally varies from $50 to $500. Such sharp difference in service standards in response to price usually happens on the basis of certain factors mentioned below:

1. Season

During the peak season of wedding and vacations, many travel agencies increase the rental fare to meet the growing demand of limousines which usually come with spacious cabin comprising of modern amenities to provide complete entertainment and amusement to travelers during the long journey. On such occasions, it will be quite hard for you to book any limo car of your choice at a comparatively lower rental fare. During such occasions as every agency will be busy to entertain clients by serving to them the best limousine services at a higher rental fare to earn more profits. However, during the off-season, you can easily obtain the limousine of your choice with relevant service benefit from these agencies at a comparatively lower price.

2. Limousine Models

The most notable and popular models of Limousines normally include Rolls Royce Ghost, Toyota Alphard Vellfire, Mercedes Benz and so on. Each of these models is known for offering different sets of comfort level which ultimately plays a big role in determining the rental fare as well as other service facilities that you are expecting from any agency. For instance, there is a significant difference in retail fare and services when you want to have a brand new SUV limo vehicle of an agency in place of general limo cars that offers basic comforts with affordable service benefits.