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Why minibus for an airport transfer service

minibuses airport transfer

There are numerous companies in Singapore that provide either car or minibus airport transfer services. Consequently, when traveling as a group, you may find yourself in a dilemma between choosing a car and a minibus for airport transfer sometimes. However, experts recommend choosing the latter due to many reasons, including but not limited to, the following:

Why You Should Consider a Minibus for Airport Transfer Over a Car

1. Cost Savings

Mini bus airport transfer taxis are generally cheaper than their car counterparts. Choosing a mini bus over a car for an airport transfer when travelling as a group eliminates the need to hire several cars because the group is larger than what a single car can accommodate. A single mini bus for airport transfer may sufficiently accommodate your numbers. As such, you won’t have to pay more as would be the case if your group opts to travel in several airport transfer cars.

2.The Fun of Traveling Together

A minibus for airport transfer will accommodate your entire group, allowing you and your friends or loved ones to continue travelling together even after getting off the flight. Having to split up in the final part of the journey, which is traveling from the airport to the hotel where you will be staying, after flying together can greatly ruin the fun of a group trip.

A mini bus may be able to accommodate all of you, allowing the group to complete the journey together. A car may not, especially if you are traveling more than four passengers.

3. Minibuses Offer Added Comfort

Another reason to choose a minibus over a private car hire for your group airport transfer needs is comfort. Truly speaking, minibuses that provide public transport services for passengers to and from the airport can be more comfortable than their car counterparts. While many buses offer more sufficient leg space than standard cars, some high-end executive buses even have more comfortable seats than most cars that are designed to ferry passengers to and from the airport.

4. Extra Luggage Storage Space

Passengers that travel in a group obviously carry more luggage than their counterparts that travel individually. As such, the former will have extra luggage storage needs unlike the latter.

That’s another case scenario in which minibuses come quite handy.  There is no doubt about the fact that these half buses have more space for storing luggage compared to cars. For example, in a minibus, luggage can be stored in several boot compartments and interior shelf storage racks that came with the vehicle. In a car, on the other hand, luggage can only be stored in the boot space and maybe in some limited sections of the back on the inside of the automobile. Therefore, group travelers will find minibuses more convenient in terms of luggage accommodation than cars.

Final Thoughts

The best mode of transport in Singapore to get from the airport to the hotel where you will all be staying when traveling as a group is a minibus. That’s because, with one, you will not need to hire several cars, depending on your numbers, to get you guys to your final destination.  A single minibus can hold and transport at least 10-15 passengers at once, hence cost and time-saving.  A normal airport transfer service car, on the other hand, can only pack and transport 5-7 passengers in a single trip. Other advantages of using a minibus as opposed to a car are; additional comfort and extra luggage space.