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Wonderful Dining Spots Hidden in Plain Sight


“Sometimes what you need is just right there in front of you and you just don’t see it” says a lot of people about love, and we found that the same is true for these wonderful spots hiding in plain sight!

You can enjoy the hunt as you try to find these locations and celebrate with a hearty meal when you get to these hidden gems. Besides, trying on something new will definitely help you break out of a mundane routine and have a better appreciation of what’s around you.

So here’s a list of almost secret spots, that maybe you could also share with someone special.

1. The Secret Mermaid

This mermaid sings differently in the day but is in wild water by night. A Japanese salad bar (Shinkansen) in the daylight that turns into a specialty bar when the sun sets.

This spot features American style craft spirits that are new and have never been brought to Singapore before. So if you’re up for filling the “never had ____” adventure, then this is one of those places you’ve got to try out.

You can check out their Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka or even Bacon Vodka. But if you want to get into some variety, order into their tasting flights for about $15 and up to get more out of their massive collection of booze.

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2. The Library

Needing a passcode for entry always gives you that extra VIP exclusive feeling, a destination best travelled to in one of our premium limousine services in Singapore. And this secret spot does have that exclusive and secretive flair.

Hiding behind a reference library catering to design, photography, arts and architecture is the entrance to a hidden bar accessible only to those who know the passcode. Getting through its doors is like walking through a time hole back to the time when Colonial occupants had strong prohibitions against alcohol consumption.

In line with this trip to the past’s strict rules, drinks aren’t served in regular glasses. Instead, you can enjoy a creative touch as your drinks are served in mini-tubs, copper mugs, and even totem poles!

The entry passcode changes every week, but you’ll enjoy what it gives you access to as they offer a variety of drinks, including: eclectic cocktails composed of herbed home-made syrups, hand-squeezed juices, and high-class hard liquor brands.

3. 28 Hong Kong Street

Being awarded 1st Place for Asia’s Best for 2016, you’d think that that award would be staring you in the face, but it seems this spot has remained humble in that arena.

Feel like the Great Gatsby walking into this incognito bar styled to the late 20’s giving you that true speak-easy feel with its heavily dim lighting. Apart from good drinks, their bar grubs are a must-try including the favorites Reuben Sandwich w/ Pastrami ($16) and Truffle-infused Mac n’ Cheese ($12)

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