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Your November and December Hotlist in Singapore


Singapore is always buzzing with all the right things to excited your senses. With so much going on it can be a challenge deciding where to start or where to go. To help you catch what the must-see’s are, we’ve gathered them here for you, and what’s even better is we can take you there too!

Neon Lights Festival – Nov. 26 and 27, 2016

Talking about exciting your senses, kick off the fun with this exhilarating festival of music and arts featuring a performances of diverse music, visual treats, and tasty food to enjoy and be filled with all the good vibes you can gather.

Enjoy the festival with family and friends and worry not about getting there together and getting him through the crowd when you book SGMaxi’s Maxicab to chauffer you to the event.

Party to eclectic music with highlighting performances by Foals (Indie Band) on Day 1 or  Sigur Rós (Icelandic Post-Rock band) on Day 2.

M1 CONTACT Festival – Nov. 26 and 27, 2016

If you’re more the type to sit back and enjoy an enjoy a beautiful showcase of talents, this one’s for you. This year’s Contact festival is said to be smaller in scale but definitely just as exciting as it features choreography  Arthur Bernard Bazin, Kim Jae Duk and Kuik Swee Boon in a Triple Bill Performance.

If you’re a keen follower and fan of the festival you’ll be happy to get involved this year as it provides a preview of next year’s supersized version of the festival.

Taking a date to the festival? You can make it extra special by booking a ride with SGMaxi to be your personal ride for the event. Maybe bump it with some VIP treatment with our luxurious yet affordable limousine services.

Zoo-rassic Park – Nov. 26 to Dec.18, 2016

Ever tried to imagine what it was like for the Flinstones going to the zoo? Maybe not. But a trip to this park is bound to be an experience like no other. This interactive display of various creatures from prehistoric times will give you a sense of how evolution has worked its way through time into the creatures of the now.

Come face to face with these life sized and life-like hand-made models of what used to be creatures that walked our lands before we did.

This is a perfect place for a class or family field trip! If you’re worried about the commute with your kids and stroller, worry no more when you book our Maxi Cab. SG Maxi also offers bus charter services to take care of your school trip needs.

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Whether you’re still working up that appetite for some holiday cheer or the give of it these Christmas events are on the hotlist to get into that Christmas Spirit:

  • A Great Street’s Christmas Display along Orchard Road
  • Gardens by the Bay’s Merry Medley Floral Display
  • Carnival of Surprises
  • One15’s Christmas Boat Light Parade

Now you’ve got the list all that’s left is to get call us or book online with SGMaxi, we’ll take you where the fun is while you ride in our comfortable and secure in our vehicles with our drivers and support staff readily available to provide only the best in service.